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ios – Swift library bundle produces empty archive

I am attempting to supply a .xcframework compiled model of my Swift library bundle. With an Xcode managed library goal, I can archive the scheme and the ensuing framework could possibly be embedded and linked by one other mission. Nevertheless, once I try and archive a pure swift bundle (that’s to say, the dir containing the Bundle.swift file is what’s open in Xcode, there isn’t a .xcodeproj), the resultant archive is empty, devoid of any construct merchandise.

That is reproducible each in my mission and likewise with a model new Swift library bundle (obtained by operating swift bundle init --type library). It is reproducible whether or not I archive by means of Xcode’s gui or with xcodebuild archive -scheme 'MyPackage' -destination "generic/platform=iOS" -archivePath archive.xcarchive BUILD_LIBRARY_FOR_DISTRIBUTION=YES SKIP_INSTALL=NO.

The latter produces a binary, however no module map or any of the sources included within the library. The previous produces a totally empty archive.

Swift Bundle Supervisor supposedly helps the distribution of pre-compiled libraries through binaryTarget, which I’ve working simply high-quality (with a framework constructed by an xcodeproj) – the distribution half is not the difficulty, it is the precise constructing.

I ought to state that when the library bundle is referenced as a dependency in supply kind, all of the symbols are completely accessible and all the things works as anticipated.

In abstract, how do I compile a SPM library bundle to a framework? There may be subsequent to no documentation on this wherever and I am at a loss.



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