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Lorenz Attractor Analog Laptop With Octave Simulation

[Janis Alnis] wished to construct an analog pc circuit and acquired some multiplier chips. The primary try used apparently pretend chips that had been liable to overheating. He was in a position to get it to work and in addition walked by some Octave (a system much like Matlab) simulations for the circuit. You may comply with alongside within the video under.

Getting the little multiplier chips into the breadboard was a little bit of a problem. In fact, there are a selection of how to unravel that downside. The circuit in query is from the all the time attention-grabbing [Glen’s Stuff] web site.

From that web site:

The Lorenz system, initially found by American mathematician and meteorologist, Edward Norton Lorenz, is a system that displays continuous-time chaos and is described by three coupled, unusual differential equations.

So, the circuit is an analog answer to the system of differential equations. Not unhealthy for a handful of chips and a few discrete elements on a breadboard. We’ve seen an analogous circuit on Hackaday.io.

Take a look at our current competitors winners if you wish to see op amps do their factor. Analog computer systems had been a factor. They aren’t all the time that difficult, both.



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