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NLP BAGEL Mannequin- be No.1 at rapport

THE NLP BAGEL Mannequin was developed by Robert Dilts to assist NLP Practitioners establish varieties of behavioral cues related to inner considering methods, states, and cognitive processes.

NLP BAGEL Mannequin is an acronym for 

B – Physique Posture

A – Accessing Cues

G – Gestures

E- Eye motion

L- Language sample.


NLP BAGEL mannequin goes past physique language research, and it’s versatile from individual to individual.

Let’s perceive every facet of the NLP BAGEL mannequin intimately and the place this mannequin might be useful to an NLP Practitioner.

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NLP BAGEL Mannequin intimately

Physique Posture

Physique Posture offers out an excessive amount of details about the illustration system assumed by the topic.

We get into our snug physique posture whereas sitting or standing, simply out of behavior. Nevertheless, these physique postures may help us perceive what’s going on contained in the mind.

NLP BAGEL Mannequin will assist us know the representational system by learning the topic’s physique posture.

For Instance,

For Visible Physique, Posture will probably be Leaning again with Head and shoulders up or shallow respiratory.

For Auditory physique posture will probably be physique leaning ahead, Head crocked, shoulder backed, and arms folded.

For Kinesthetic Head and shoulders down, deep respiratory, 


These physique postures in NLP BAGEL may help perceive the representational programs at present topic is accessing. 

NLP Bagel Model

Accessing Cues

Once we are considering, we have a tendency to provide out particular cues or triggers like scratching our Head, tapping our ft, snapping fingers, grunts, groans, and many others.

Many of those accessing cues are related to specific sensory processes.

These accessing cues usually are not the identical for everybody. Due to this fact it’s important to use NLP Calibration abilities right here.

Listed below are some Examples for Accessing Cues as per the representational system.

For Visible: Excessive shallow respiratory, sooner tempo, squinting eyes, voice increased pitch.

For Auditory: Fluctuating voice tone, Diaphragmatic respiratory, knitted forehead 

For Kinesthetic: Deep stomach respiratory, deep breathy voice, slower tempo.


Gestures are a simple approach to perceive the illustration system or sensory system they’re at present utilizing.


Professional Tip: At all times deal with the hand gesture of your topic. They are going to give away cues associated to the sensory system they’re utilizing.

For Instance

For Visible: Touching or pointing at eyes, gestures made above eyes degree.

For Auditory: Touching mouth or jaw, gestures made in direction of ears.

For Kinesthetic: Touching the chest and abdomen space, gestures made under the neck.

Eye Actions/ Eye Accessing Cues

You’ll be able to perceive most popular representational programs by simply observing eye motion.

I’ve written a weblog on the identical matter, and you’ll seek advice from it later.

Nevertheless, since we focus on the NLP BAGEL mannequin, let’s see eye accessing cues briefly.

You’ll be able to observe the attention motion of the topic to know what representational system they’re accessing.

For Visible: Topic will hold their eyes up both proper or left.

For Auditory: The topic will hold their eyes nearly on the middle. It might be on the proper or left.

For Kinesthetic: The topic will look down. 

These are easy strategies to know the representational system of the topics.

Language Sample

The final step within the NLP BAGEL mannequin is the Language sample. NLP has two language patterns: the NLP meta-model language sample and the NLP Milton mannequin language sample.

Studying NLP language patterns will assist perceive predicates or selective phrases directed towards representational programs or modalities.

The method of choosing phrases is especially unconscious and may help an NLP practitioner perceive the topic’s illustration system.

Listed below are some examples of Predicates

For Visible

See, Watch, Clear, Sight, Image, Hazy, Brings to gentle, Present, and many others.

For Auditory

Hear, Hear, Loud, Phrase, Noisy, Rings a bell, Inform, and extra

For Kinesthetic 

Contact, Really feel, Stable, Heavy, Tough, Connects, Transfer, and extra.

The place can you employ NLP BAGEL Mannequin?

THE NLP BAGEL mannequin can be utilized to know the topic higher and construct rapport.

You may also use the NLP BAGEL mannequin in a remedy session the place your topic is unwilling to share many particulars.



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