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NLP dickens sample – No 1 sample for visualization

NLP dickens sample is popularly often called the NLP approach utilized by Anthony Robbins in his unleash the ability inside the seminar.

NLP dickens sample makes use of the idea of timeline remedy the place you go to your future self.

The title NLP dickens sample is due to The ebook Christmas carol by Charles Dickens, the place considered one of its characters, “Scrooge” will get to fulfill his future ghost, which reveals him what’s going to occur to him if he continues to reside the best way he’s residing proper now.

NLP dickens sample works nicely on the precept of ache and pleasure, and it associates with ache and pleasure of future that helps you make modifications within the current.

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Strategy of NLP Dickens sample

Within the means of the NLP Dickens sample, we’ll see the implications of staying the best way we’re proper now.

If we don’t make any modifications in our current self and proceed to reside like this for, allow us to say, fifteen years, what would be the penalties? NLP dickens sample will assist us to visualise that.

Step 1 = Select the limiting perception or a  dangerous behavior you have got had for an prolonged time frame.

Step 2= Stand within the middle of the place the place you’ll be able to transfer backward and forwards in a straight line. Now think about you’re standing within the current state with that dangerous behavior.

Step 3= Attempt to visualize the place this dangerous behavior began, see backward and take a couple of steps. Get right into a second the place you first began that dangerous behavior. 

Step 4 = After you have a transparent image of the previous, come again to the current second that’s the middle of the room. You may take a break right here.

Step 5 = Now visualize the long run and take one step additional. Think about how this dangerous behavior will have an effect on you after 5 years.

Attempt to visualize your self after 5 years. Are you able to see, hear or really feel your self modified due to this dangerous behavior?


How is your well being? How is your monetary state of affairs? Attempt to see every thing which may occur for those who proceed to have this dangerous behavior.

Are you comfy with what you see, really feel and hear about your self?

Step 6 = Now, take one other step ahead and picture your life with this dangerous behavior after 5 years.

Think about how this dangerous behavior has affected you in ten years? How is your well being? How is your finance? How are you total?

Are you comfy with what you see, really feel and hear about your self?

Step 7 = Now, take another step and picture your life with this dangerous behavior for fifteen years.

Are you comfy with what you see, really feel and hear about your self?

For my part, most individuals discover it scary to visualise a future with any dangerous habits or limiting beliefs for fifteen years. 

Step 8 = Now come down to the current state and take a small break

Step 9 = Stand within the current state and picture what actions you’ll be able to take at the moment to eliminate this dangerous behavior or limiting perception. 

Step 10 = Take a step additional and picture your self taking motion and eliminating that dangerous behavior or limiting perception.


See your self prospering sooner or later. Are you pleased with what you see?

You may proceed this train for the years you’re comfy with.

When to make use of NLP dickens sample?

NLP dickens sample could make topics notice the influence of their detrimental conduct in the long term.

It’s possible you’ll discover some purchasers are unwilling to simply accept that their detrimental perception must be modified or it impacts them adversely.

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You may also amplify constructive emotions with the NLP dickens sample.

How NLP dickens sample turned widespread?

Anthony Robbins popularized the NLP dickens sample, and he used to show and display this course of in his Unleash the ability inside the seminar.

Additionally it is an amazing life teaching device that may make it easier to take actions for constructive modifications.

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